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Il condizionale presente e passato
Friday, April 6th — Time: TBA
Tuition: $30
In this workshop we will learn the conditional present. It expresses possibility in the present and the future, desire or intention. We also use it when we want to give advice or when we want to express our opinion in a less direct way. It's also used when we want to ask something in a more polite way.
The conditional past, as you will learn, is used to express an action that doesn't happen in the past or cannot happen in the present or future. It also expresses the future in the past.
We will practice both tenses and learn how to use them according to what you want to express. The use of the conditional present versus the conditional past conveys different information. This is not just grammar!
La concordanza dei tempi e dei modi
Friday, April 27th — Time: TBA
Tuition: $30
Language and expression are so much richer when you know how to use verbs!
This workshop will look at all the moods, tenses and modes (indicative, subjunctive), as well as agreements in the past tenses. With this comprehensive review, you will be switching between congiuntivo and indicativo with ease.
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